How to Reduce Risk of Lead Exposure

Lead is found in the earth’s crust. It is emitted through water, the air, and soil, and is sometimes found in our homes. Using fossil fuels also creates lead sources. It is used in plumbing structures, cosmetics, and other structures throughout the house. Although it can have some benefits, it is toxic to humans and to animals. Lead exposure causes a number of devastating and potentially deadly health effects and consequences. 

How to Reduce Exposure to lead

It is important to keep the home clean if you want to reduce exposure to lead. A clean home is a sanitary, livable place that the entire family enjoys. If there are problems around the home, cure them quickly. It is important to dust on a regular basis and stop leaks or other water damage as soon as it starts.

Everyone should wash their hands often to reduce the exposure of lead and to improve overall health. Whether you’re coming in from the outdoors, preparing to fix food in the kitchen, or otherwise doing something that gets the hands dirty, wash them often.

The best way to reduce your risk of lead exposure is through a professional lead test portland oregon. This service is an affordable way to detect the presence of lead in the house. The testing is recommended to be performed each year and helps keep everyone in the house safe.

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Lead is a threat to people throughout Portland and the entire state of Oregon and the rest of the country. But, that doesn’t mean that it must be a top concern in your life when there’s so much to worry about already. There are several ways to stay safe and reduce the risk of lead exposure. The ideas above are among them. Use these ideas to your advantage and it is easy to stay safe.