How Much Does a Roof Inspection Cost?

A professional roof inspection is an annual service that minimizes the risks that could cause your roof to sustain damages during the year. It is recommended that every homeowner schedule an annual roof inspection, regardless of the type of roofing material used on the home or the age of the roof. But, the costs of the inspection are important for most homeowners to consider before going through with a service. Exactly how much money should you expect to spend for a residential roof inspection Tampa?

residential roof inspection Tampa

The average roof inspection costs about $200 – when there is a charge. You see, many roofing contractors are willing to provide the inspection to homeowners at no cost, and without any obligation. Sometimes the costs of the inspection are more than this number as well. It all depends on the roofing company that you’ve chosen.

Spending this money to have an inspection is much better than calling a contactor a few months later to make a repair. The average roofing repair costs about $750, more than double the inspection costs. So, it makes sense to hire a professional to inspect the roof and stay safe and protected throughout the year.

When the roof inspector comes to your home, they’ll provide an up-close look at the roof, determining if it is in overall good condition and free from crack, leaks, curled or broken shingles, or other problematic areas. The roofing inspection also includes inspection of the drains, skylights, gutters, vents, and the chimney on the home.

Can I just inspect my own roof, you ask? Of course you can inspect your own roof. Anyone can do anything they choose. However, there are many safety risks posed with such a decision. Furthermore, when you attempt to handle the job yourself, you may miss many obvious signs of trouble that you shouldn’t ignore.